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San Vicente is a coastal village on the west coast of Palawan island, 177 kilometers from the capital of the island of Puerto Princesa and 114 km. from the pearl of the Philippines – El Nido. San Vicente is still almost untouched, which makes this place a very attractive place for people who want to break away from all the problems of the modern world and find themselves on a very long and wild beach all alone. Already through the mountains and jungle, a concrete road was laid, which makes the settlement more accessible. There are no five star hotels. Electricity is only served in the evening until midnight. There are no banks, ATMs and hospitals, cash in Puerto Princesa. In the village you can book a tour of the islands. The islands that are carried on tour by tourists are the same as in Port Barton

The main beach is Long Beach 8 km. There are currently only a few hotels on it. In the main town there is a market and small shops and the new San Vicente Airport is located nearby.

san vasente palawan

Long Beach photo: Club Agutaya – a boutique resort in San Vicente

Hotels in San Vicente

Sunset Beach Resort ↷

San Vicente

Sunset Beach Resort

San Vicente and Long Beach Beach 2013

Of course, the highlight of San Vicente is its 8-kilometer long beach.


True pleasure to overcome all 8 km. ride a long beach motorcycle

Road along long beach


How to get San Vicente

From the San Jose Terminal Bus Terminal in Puerto Princesa, in San Vicente, only a few buses depart. The first at 6:00, the second at 12:00, and the third at 1:30. The price is 180 pesos. (2013) In order to accurately get to it, it is better to arrive at the bus terminal for the first flight. The journey takes about 6 hours. Nearby is landing on a mini vein going also in San Vicente. Price 300 pesos. travel time is about 4 hours. The distance is 172 km. The San Jose Terminal bus terminal can be reached either by tricycle (cost about 50 – 100 pesos for two people, it all depends on where you are going) or mini bus (small bus, 12 pesos) which departs from the Jollibee restaurant on Rizal Av see. On the road to San Vicente, as elsewhere in the Philippines, be patient.

07. Private van transfer from Port Barton to San Vicente ★★★★
Island: Palawan / Town: Port Barton - San Vicente
5,500  (104 $)
Booked: (0)

Private transfer from Port Barton ⇄ San Visente Town or Long Beach (one way). Pick up from your hotel in Port Barton or San Vicente. Travel distance – 74 km. Travel time 2.5 hours. Number of passengers up to 9 persons.

08. Private van transfer San Vicente – El Nido Palawan ★★★★
Island: Palawan / Town: San Vicente - El Nido
6,800  (129 $)
Booked: (1)

Private transfer from San Visente (Long Beach) ⇄ El Nido (one way). Pick up from your hotel in San Vicente or El Nido. Travel distance – 125 km. Travel time 3.5 hours. Number of passengers up to 9 person.

10. Private transfer Puerto Princesa ⇄ San Vicente ★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Puerto Princesa - San Vicente
6,000  (114 $) 30% prepayment
Booked: (4)

Van private transfer Puerto Princesa to San Vicente or San Vicente to Puerto Princesa. Distance 177 km. The journey takes around 4 hours. Price – 6000 pesos one way. Maximum number of passengers – 10 person.

11. Transfer Puerto Princesa ⇄ San Vicente (Shared van) ★★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Puerto Princesa - San Vicente
600  (11 $)
Booked: (2) January (1)

Local shared van transfer Puerto Princesa to San Vicente or San Vicente to Puerto Princesa. Distance 177 km. The journey takes around 4 hours. Price – 600 pesos one way/person.

From Clark Airport to San Vicente Palawan

Philippine Airlines began flights from Clark Airport on Luzon Island straight to San Vicente Palawan. Van Vicente is a new spot in Palawan, located between the capital of Puerto Princesa and El Nido. This flight can be convenient if you want to go straight to a quiet place in the north of Palawan with a huge beach and small islands around. It is worth considering that an international flight should be chosen with arrival at Clark Airport (Clark International Airport), which is a few hours from the main airport Aquino.

How to get from SanVicente to Underground River or from Puerto Princesa to Underground River and transfer to San Vicente in one day

01h. Excursion private transfer San Vicente ⇄ Underground River ⇄ Puerto Princesa ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / Puerto Princesa - San Vicente
3,280 ₱ (62 $) - 15,820  (300 $)
Booked: (1)

Excursion private transfer from San Vicente to Underground River Sabang and transfer to Puerto Princesa or from Puerto Princesa to Underground River Sabang and transfer to San Vicente. The transfer includes; private van with driver, a filipino tour guide to the river, the boat to the National Park and back, lunch, all permits and environmental fee.


By plane straight to San Vicente

Since October 2018, the Philippine Airline from Clark Airport (Clark) of Luzon island operates 5 direct flights to San Vicente a week.











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San Visente Domestic Airport ↷


San Visente Domestic Airport




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