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  1. Sergey says:

    few feedback nov 2019

  2. Sergey says:

    Maggie McDowell

  3. Sergey says:

    Christopher Carbonella

  4. Sergey says:

    zachary hanson

  5. Sergey says:

    Aug 2019

  6. Vyacheslav says:

    Great guys, responsive, justified all expectations, even more! Thank you for the excellent organization.

  7. rio leine birkenheuer says:

    hi we are to arrive on the 18th of january 2018 in Sabang at around 10am in our hotel and would love to start direct the tour for the underground river because we want to maximize our time.would it be possible? thank you in advance

    1. Sergey says:

      hi, read and book tour to Underground river from Sabang –

  8. Mary De Graeve says:

    at first when I saw their site, I was very hesitant! but last December 2016 I risked. I inspected the site and nothing bothered me. The communication was by e-mails. And very happy of them because they respond very fast. I think I was talking to ms. Angel almost of the time. He have chosen comfort 8. But sad to say Angel said that we need to reserve 1 BY 1 the activities because hotel in Puerto Princesa is already fuly booked for the date of march 10. But that was not a problem for me.
    December 2016 I have paid everything by PayPal. I was a little bit afraid because I risked to pay everything to think our travel is on march 10-17 2017. But Angel was very responsive. We took tour A, B, and C, land tour in nacpan and falls, hotel in telesfora(corong-corong beach), land transfer (twice) van from puerto and from el nido, and underground river tour. All went smooth, except for our land tour in nacpan, I was adviced the day before our arriving in puerto princesa that the price has doubled Iwent furious.. But no problem, Angel assured me and did adjust our tour (rather than a tour with a van we’ve got a tricycle , which is more fun!). Very fast service. We also have chosen private tour A at first, but changed our mind the day before our tour because we’v met other couple who were staying in telesfora and we ‘ve decided to take tour A with them and with the other guests, it was the best experience! no regrets at all! Angel didn’t hesitate to change our tour private to tour ordinary. Normally agencies would say no because we’ve paid already and they would do refunding, but Angel just said yes and it was no discussion. All I can say it was a great vacation for us my fiancé and I. No hassle, tour guide go pick up us in our hotel on time, and van transfers were on time. Anything you put in your reservation will be respected. any request from Angel was always a pleasure because she did everything in our favor. I definitely will recommend them. Don’t be afraid to book tours which are organized by them. I promise, it’s no hassle and it’s satisfying. And also telesfora was a good place to stay, great service, the room was decent ( we took the 3000 pesos per night) . Puerto Princesa – El nido vacation was our best experience. thank you Angel. Great job! and I would recommend your site. 🙂 great job. -Mary from Belgium

  9. K & L says:

    Angel and Sergei provide an excellent service! We are a couple who rented a motorbike from them and drove it to San Vicente, El nido, and back. The bike worked perfectly and they were honest. We contacted them online, and when we arrived the bike with helmets included were ready to go. Thank you so much Angel and Sergei! We will recommend you to our friends when they come to Palawan 🙂

  10. Brice says:

    I rent a motorbike for 10 days to Angel and Serguei. Price was reasonable and I had no any problems with the bike. Serguei and Angel also helped me to find a place for my one-night stay in Puerto Princesa, as well as to change money and buy a SIM card. Very helpful and without any additional fees… Which was really appreciated. I would recommed to work with them and will definitly ask again for their services when I come back in Palawan.
    Thank you!

  11. Jeremy says:

    I rented a motorbike from Sergio and Angel for my week in Palawan, and they were great. Excellent communication, the bike was recently serviced, and got me around the island with no problem at all. I felt like I had to include a link to their cool site in my “10 things to know about the Philippines” post:


  12. Espen says:

    Very good motorcycle, price and service. Reccommended!

  13. Espen says:

    I rented a brand new motorcycle for seven days for a very good price. I ha no problems and the service was excellent! Reccommended!

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