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Puerto Princesa is a city in the Philippines, in the island of Palawan. It is the administrative center of the largest province in the Philippines. According to the 2010 Puerto Princesa has about 223 000 inhabitants. In terms of land area, the city is the second largest geographically after Davao city. The part that is the most populated length of about 10 km. Basically, the city is known near by national Park underground river (Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site. On March 4, 1872, in the course of exploring the island Paraguas, then so called Palawan, the Spanish colonizers founded near the city of Puerto Princesa settlement. A sheltered Bay in which the city was very convenient to stop Spanish ships. Historically, the city was named after Princess Eulalia de borbón, born in 1864 Queen Isabella II and her husband Francisco de ASIS de borbón. When the Princess died suddenly, the Queen changed the name of the city on Puerto de La Princesa. In the end, the name was shortened to Puerto Princesa as it is known today.


Climate in Puerto Princesa region more about weather…

Average amount of precipitation in mm.

Jan. 36 | Feb 23 | Mar. 37 | Apr 54 | May. 118 | June. 171 | July. 153 | Aug 185 | St 170 | Oct. 216 | Nov. 211 | Dec 150

Average number of days with precipitation

Jan. 5 | Feb 3 | Mar. 4 | Apr 7 | May. 12 | June. 17 | July. 18 | Aug 18 | St 17 | Oct. 19 | Nov. 15 | Dec 11


What to see in Puerto Princesa?

Underground river tour palawan

✓ Underground river ★★★★ This river on Palawan island got its name from the town, 80 km of which is in Puerto Princesa. The length of the river 8 kilometers, is one of the longest underground river. Boats are allowed on 1, 2 km in the depth of the cave in which you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is one of the largest in the world. The height of the dome of the cave up to 80 metres and width of up to 140 meters. National Park in 1999 was included in the UNESCO world heritage list. To the Underground river you can go by yourself, read more about here Underground river ➥ Book a tour in the section Excursions ➥

Nagtabon palawan 2015 500

✓ The Nagtabon beach ★★★★ located on the west coast of Palawan island, 34 km from the new International airport Puerto Princesa. The road there on a motorcycle will take 45-55 min. The length of the beach is 1 kilometer. On the beach still no electricity and no mobile signal. It still has not too much people on weekdays. There are several bungalows for rent and lunch cottages, local restaurants where you can have a snack, barbeque, swiming gears. The beach has a very comfortable and smooth approach and soft sand without rocks and algae. Open 24 hours. Nagtabon beach ⋙


✓ Crocodile farm ★★ the rescue Centre and wildlife. The center works to preserve and study reptiles. Tour of the centre includes a visit to a small Museum and movable aquariums for crocodiles. Visiting hours are from 13:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays. The crocodile centre is 12 km from the city. Crocodile farm is included in the city tour of Puerto Princesa. About the price of the excursion can be found in the section ➥ Excursions

01ab. Underground river tour and shared transfer to El Nido ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
2,850  (55 $) 30% prepayment
Booked: (110) June (3) May (2)

1. Underground River tour Includ: 1,5 hour air condition transfer from the hotel in Puerto Princesa City or hotel along the road to Sabang (pick up at 7:30 – 8:30AM), lunch in Sabang, the boat to the river and through it, audio system, environmental fee, permit, guide and transfer to El Nido. All inclusive! Free for children below 2 years not occupying a separate seat. 2. Transfer from Sabang (Underground River) to El Nido with a change to another minibus. If you need private van without change, click here ⋙

04. Honda Bay Tour Puerto Princesa City ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
1,450  (28 $)
Booked: (12)

Honda Bay Islands Tour. Tour includes transfer from the hotel and back in Puerto Princesa, boat to the islands – Luli, Cowrie and Pambati, environmental fee, tickets, lunch at one of the islands and local guide.


✓ Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park ★★★★ The transmittal of local youth and tourists. In the evening along the waterfront open the local restaurants where you can order shrimp, fish, BBQ meat and alcoholic drinks. Sometimes there are various festivals and shows. Along the promenade you can’t ride on motorcycles in some parts – Smoking. Waterfront location on ➛ map


✓ City market definitely deserves attention, especially for those who love to experiment, to discover new tastes and experience the taste of unusual fish species. The island of Palawan in spite of poaching fish is still the main region supplying fish to the capital of the Philippines – Manila. Here in the center of Puerto Princesa, you’ll be fish, meat, vegetable, fruit “wet market” with an interesting assortment of marine reptiles, meat, fruits and vegetables. In the meat and fish sections reigns fetid smell of meat and fish, prepared, or squeamish people entrance here is not recommended. Photo collection of different species of marine life on the shelves of the fish section at the link ➛ Fish market


✓ City beaches  In Puerto Princesa city has many private and several public beaches. Most of the coastal possessions are in private hands and therefore the approach to them is impossible, even the beaches are not the Paradise landscapes with white sand, graceful palm trees and crystal clear water, for which people come here. In General the sea in coastal regions of the city is not dirty but due to natural conditions and the shallow waters of the area consists mainly of mangroves or beaches artificially cleared of algae and mangroves. From the point of view of a tourist most likely not one of them has all the criteria of the “perfect beach”. But for people living in the city it is affordable alternative to the beaches outside of the city in 30 km.

06. Whale sharks group tour Palawan ★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
2,000  (38 $) 15% prepayment
Booked: (163) June (3) May (10)

Unique tour in the waters of the Honda Bay city of Puerto Princesa. You can personally meet with the largest of all living in the moment fish. From April to October on certain days when full moon, before and after full moon the tours starts when sharks in the wild came to this area and when weather is allow boat go to the sea! Be informed, the number of guests is limited – 30 persons per day.

zipline sabang

 ✓ Ugon Rock. ★★★★ The cave located at the distance of 63 km from Puerto Princesa city and 17 km from Sabang. Here you will find a 30 minute trek through the cave inside the cliff and descend on a steel cable down from the height of 110 meters zipline (two versions). The price is 500 pesos. Filopino gude and equipment inclusive.

SM MALL Palawan

✓ Shopping Malls. ★★★  In the City has 2 big shopping malls – Robinson and SM Mall and 4 smaler comercial center NCCC Shopping Mall’s in the City of Puerto Princesa ⋙


✓ The largest pearl in the world ★★★ The fisherman who found a 34 kilo. pearl in the sea, when its anchor caught on the shell, kept it 10 years under the bed unaware of its value. read more..

05. Firefly watching tour ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
1,200  (23 $) 25% prepayment
Booked: (10)

Firefly watching, excursion to the mangrove river Iwahig. Here in the wild live these insects. The tour begins at your hotel where van will pick up you at 5.50 PM – 6.30 PM. Than from Puerto Princesa baywalk you will ride on a motorized boat with other travellers to the other boat, which will take you to the river bank Iwahig where the firefly habitat. After watching firefly, you will a diner on a floating restaurant

dos palmas palawandays

✓ Tour DOS Palmas ★★★ The hotel is on the island in Honda Bay and closed for tourists. Tour DOS Palmas includes transfers to and from the resort. Boat transfer to the hotel in the island (s 8:30, 11:00, 13:30), cold drinks on arrival, lunch, kayaking, snorkeling, basketball, beach volleyball, bicycles, table tennis, badminton, Darts, boat schedule on a desert island and area for snorkeling. Return transfer from the resort to the city. In the resort there is a bar with good and not very expensive cuisine and alcoholic beverages. ➥ Excursions


✓ Iwahig Penal Farm ★★★ The prison is located 17 kilometers from Puerto Princesa. Location on ➥ map. It is remarkable that the prisoners medium and easy mode live and work in the colony settlement where move freely and live almost a normal life. On the territory of the penal colony, you can safely go just by registering in the guest book at the checkpoint. Here on the territory of the settlement you can visit Balshan – natural swimming pool. To book the tour in section ➥ Excursions


✓ Waterfall Salakot ★★★ Is 10 km from the West coast of the island and 46 kilometers from downtown Puerto Princesa. The road here is half gravel, so a trip here with a bike will be a real adventure. Then most likely you will not see crowds of tourists and any amenities, but on a hot day, provided you rest in the bosom of wild nature in clean and cold water. Read more about the trip in Napsan blog ➥ Napsan. Waterfall on ➥ the map. To book the tour in section ➥ Excursions

✓ Waterfall Estrela ★★★ To get to the waterfall through tours organized by the philippine agency if it is available whenever you need it or independently by rental car or motorbike. Book a tour you can in section ➥ Excursions The road here is all done so that you can get here on a scooter. The distance from Puerto Princesa — 90 km, travel Time about 2 hours. Read more about ➠ waterfall Estrela

✓ Beach Talaudyong ★★★★ The beach is on the West coast of Palawan island, 42 km from the city center of Puerto Princesa. The road here is in a northerly direction on a motorcycle would take an hour. On the beach, no tourists, only locals. The beach is very comfortable, soft set, soft sand with no rocks and seaweed. Go here on a motorcycle, the necessary driving experience, as the last kilometer of the road is a rocky descent. Read more about the beach read in the photo review ➠ Beach Talaudyong


✓ White beach ★★★ White beach is of a lighter shade of sand. Located 36 kilometers from the center of Puerto Princesa. Need to move in a southerly direction. The road on the motorcycle or car to the beach is about 50 minutes. The beach is quite deserted. In the water play only local kids. The sunset in the water smooth, the bottom is smooth and soft. The beach is not equipped. Read more about see the beach photo review ➠ White beach

14. Private van transfer Puerto Princesa – Nagtabon Beach ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
380 ₱ (7 $) - 3,800  (73 $)
Booked: (2)

Round trip by mini bus to the west coast of the island of Palawan. The beach Nagtabon located 34 km. from the city of Puerto Princesa. Number of passengers from 1 to 10 persons. Travel time one way about 50 min. The working time of vehicle – 6 am to 4 pm.


✓ Napsan ★★★★ is a municipality located behind the mountain ridge, on the Western side of Palawan island in 53 kilometers from the island’s capital Puerto Princesa. If you are one of those in whom the strong spirit of adventure and exploration of the unknown, this is the place for you. There are practically everywhere still not working mobile phones, not to mention the Internet. Electricity is served from 19 to 22 hours, and that not everywhere. The road made of concrete here, just started to lay from South Federal highway, and those that have are or gravel or the road of cobblestones. To book the tour in section ➥ Excursions

butterfly garden

✓ Butterfly Garden Puerto Princesa ★★★ A small nursery with butterflies and other kinds of insects and animals. It will be very interesting for adults with children. The entrance ticket is 50 pesos.

✓ Balshan – natural swimming pool ★★★ The river and organized pool here located in the Iwahig penal farm, the entrance to which is 17.5 km from the city puerto Princesa. The natural spring Balshan is located 21.8 km. from the center of Puerto Princesa city. Parking fees are charged at the rate of 10 – 20 pesos. Rent a cottage with fireplace for barbecue will cost 200. The water in the river is clean and cool (depending on season). Depth is only about one and a half meters. Entry to the territory of the colony free, need only be noted in the visitor log at the entrance.


 ✓ Tabon caves ★★★ are located in the town of Quezon in the South-Western part of the island of Palawan in 150 km from the capital of the island. The complex is located on Cape Lipunan and consists of more than 200 caves, of which only 7 are open to the public. The cave became known worldwide after there were found the remains of a once ancient Filipino people. The caves can only be reached by boat and organizes such tours local “local history” Museum. The tour is done only with a local guide on open to view the caves. Book a tour to the caves in the section ➥ Excursions


✓ Immaculate Conception Cathedral.   Entrance to the Cathedral is free. Location ➥ map

Philippine-Cockatoo palawan

✓ Philippine cockatoo ★★★ Conservation Center and the Philippine cockatoo breeding. The center is located on an island 500 meters from the town of Narra, 90 km from the capital of the island of Palawan – Puerto Princesa.


✓ Plaza Cartel  Plaza Cuartel is right near the Cathedral of the Immaculate conception. Plaza is the restored ruins of an old garrison where Japanese soldiers burned in the tunnel 143 American prisoners of war. Now there’s a small memorial Park. Admission is free. Location ➥ map


✓ Chinese Buddha temple ★ Is on the road in the Honda Bay 12 km, after turning off the Northern highway leading to El Nido and Sabang. The entrance to the temple is free. The location of the temple on ➥ the map


✓ Tour to the dolphins   (June, July). The boat ride to the Bay where the wild dolphins inhabit. Swimming with dolphins is not allowed, but removing them under water or while jumping may be the best reward for photography lovers and children. Check rates and book a tour in the section ➥ Excursions

Olangoan waterfalls

✓ Olangoan Waterfall. ★★★ Located at 72 km. from the city of Puerto Princesa. The road here on a motorcycle will take 1.5 hours plus a one and a half kilometer track through the forest to the waterfall more info ..

Aquapark Palawan Philippines

✓ Aquapark Astoria ★★★ Located ia a 62 km. from the city of Puerto Princesa. The road there (towards El Nido) by car / motorbike will take around 1.5 hours. The park can also be reached by a shuttle bus from the San Jose terminal ⋙ The price for a day visit is 500 to 800 pesos per person. Lunch is included in the ticket price which is more expensive. The waterpark located in Astoria Hotel ⋙

✓ National Park Tubbataha Reefs ★★★★ is the Atoll 150 km. Southeast of Puerto Princesa city, located in the Sulu sea and is a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993. Along with beautiful beaches, reefs, Tubbataha have a classic tropical area for snorkeling with steep rocky walls, shallow lagoons and coral reefs, teeming with life. The Park is open to the diving excursions in the period from mid-March to mid-June. It was at this time of year the waves are calm and the visibility in the 30 to 45 meters. Entrance fee to the Park is maintained at from $ 75. tubbatahareef.org


Best hotels to stay in Puerto Princesa

Princesa Garder Resort ↷

Puerto Princesa City (14 min. to Airport)

Princesa Garder Resort


Large territory, own sandbar, 14 min. from Airport ★★★★

Munting Paraiso ↷

Puerto Princesa City (13 min. from Airport)

Munting Paraiso


Superb Guest reviews. 13 min. from Airport ★★★★

Canvas Boutique Hotel ↷

Canvas Boutique Hotel


Central highway, souvenir market, Superb reviews, 3 min. from Airport ★★★

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel ↷

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel


City center, near clubs, restaurants, 7 min. from Airport ★★★★

Villa Kalachuchi V.Kt ↷

Puerto Princesa City (14 min. to Airport)

Villa Kalachuchi V.Kt


Exceptional Private villa, best choice for travelers, 14 min. from Airport




01. Underground River tour from Puerto Princesa ★★★★
Location: Palawan/City: Puerto Princesa
2,150  (41 $) 30% prepayment
Booked: (68) June (1)

The tour to the Underground River is for the whole day. Tour include 1,5 hour air condition transfer from the hotel in Puerto Princesa (pick up at 7:50 – 8:40), lunch in Sabang, the boat to the river and through it, environmental fee and guide. FREE for children below 3 years old. Return back to the hotel or drop-of in the city at 5 PM.











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