The area of the island of Mindoro 10 570 km2. Included in the island group of Luzon, the Philippines. Located South of Luzon island and separated from it by the Strait of Verde. The terrain is mostly mountainous, where the highest point is mount al – 2586 M. and mount Bako – 2488 m. the Island is divided into two provinces: Mindoro, Western and Eastern. The population of the island is about 1.3 million people. In the coastal areas in Puerto Galera, due to the beautiful dive sites and proximity to the capital is relatively developed tourism.


White Beach

The most famous and worth visiting Puerto Galera beach is white beach. On the beach there are many hotels where you can stay right on the beach and there are inexpensive bars where you can taste cold beer. The price of accommodation to an average of 1,500 pesos per day. Distance from the pier in Sabang to white beach is 11.7 km From Puerto Galera 6 km 11 – 20 mins on a scooter. Not far from the beach is a tiny waterfall Aninuan.

About 40 dive sites are known in the vicinity of the town. Nearby you can see the remains of sunken ships, one of them a Japanese patrol boat During World war II. Puerto Galera is one of the main centers of technical diving in Asia. The Tamarau river and waterfalls are 16 km from Puerto Galera on the way to the Valve. Puerto Galera is a peaceful place to relax by the sea. Not suitable for people looking for themselves in the night club life.

white beach puerto galera

How to get to Puerto Galera

Aircraft fly to Mindoro from Manila and other major cities to airports located on the three ends of the island of Mindoro. The main airport is located in Calapan (Calapan). From Calapan to Puerto Galera by jeep to go one and a half or two hours. Distance 52 km. the Price is about 100 pesos. Moving is not comfortable.

The island’s capital, Valve, can be reached by ferry. The ferry departs from Batangas (Luzon island) to Calapan (Mindoro island) for 3 hours. The distance is 49 km. the Price is about 200 pesos. There’s a place to sit and lie down. In the bar of the ship nearly anything normal not for sale instant noodles, biscuits, chips and drinks.

Manila to Puerto-Galera

25. Private Transfer Manila ⇄ Batangas Luzon ★★★★
Location: Luzon / Manila - Batangas
5,800  (100 $)
Booked: (0)

Meeting at the airport or hotel and transfer to Batangas pier, south of Luzon island Philipines. Number of persons 1 to 8 persons. The distance is from 100 km. Travel time: 3-3.5 hours depending on traffic. Price including fuel, toll parking fees.

Puerto Galera - Batangas boat

To Puerto Galera by bus from Manila-the cheapest way. From Cubao’s large bus terminal, guests can reach the port at Batangas. The price of 140 pesos per person. Distance 110 km, travel time about 3 hours. From Manila, Batangas can be reached by taxi or private minibus directly from The airport (see below). From here from Batangas boat to Sabang or Puerto Galera is 1 hour. (There are two piers in Puerto Galera. One in the second town on the Peninsula, which is called Sabang). Distance 27 km. Tickets can be bought on the spot at the ticket offices of the ports price 250 pesos per person.

From Puerto Galera to Boracay

To get from Puerto Galera to Boracay island, you need go to Roxas (City on the southern side of the island of Mindoro) by local transport through the city of Calapan, and there take a direct ferry to Caticlan. Ferries depart every two hours. The distance is 87 km. Price – 460 pesos.

Puerto Galer – Coron Palawan

To get from Puerto Galera to the island of Coron, Busuanga – province of Palawan, you need go to the city of San Jose on the southwestern part of the island of Mindoro. Here is the boat makind sheduled trip beetwin San Jose and Coron Busuanga. From Puerto Galera to San Jose 260 km. the schedule of the boats San Jose – Mindoro to Coron, see below.

09a. Ferry Bunso Coron Busuanga ⇄ San Jose Mindoro ★★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Busuanga - Mindoro
1,890 ₱ (33 $)
Booked: (248) May (2) April (1)

Ferry Schedule Coron to San Jose Mindoro: Monday, Friday- 8:00AM (Unavailable online booking). Boarding time 7:30AM.

Schedule from San Jose Mindoro to Coron: Tuesday, Saturday- 9:00AM (Unavailable online booking). Boarding time 8:30AM. Travel time 6 hours.

Apo Reef

Near the Western coast of the island, the village of Sablayan, is a beautiful reef Apo Reef. Club contacts a Trip to the island of APO Reef requires direct interaction with nature – no hotels and mobile signal. It is best to stay overnight and relax on the island. The fee for the boat transfer is fixed, it is more profitable to swim to the reef in a large group. Or plan a weekend trip so you can join other groups. With a needs take food, beverages, tableware, stores there there is no. On the way to the reef APO can stay in a hotel on the island of Phangan which is just 2 km from the town of Sablayan. The hotel can arrange excursions and diving on the reef the shortest way to get to Sablayan of Puerto Galera from the port of Balatero Port by boat to the town of Abra De Ilog Port (19.5 km) and from there by bus or jeepney (126 km, 3 hours) to the city Sablan.

Apo Reef Mindoro