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Palawan its a small archipelago with one main island and a large set of relatively small islands around. Palawan with the neighboring islands – is the largest province in the Philippines. The island itself is 425 km long. and a width of 8 to 40 km. The island of 12,000 The administrative center of the city of Puerto Princesa located in the central part of the island. Most of the island is occupied by mountains, jungle and mangrove forests. The central mountain range divides into two parts of Palawan, where the climate is different.


Chic conditions create and provide the very nature – the sea, the sun, soft sand, emerald green water, beautiful coral reefs. Palawan Island is considered one of the safest islands in the Philippine archipelago, there are practically no earthquakes and no volcano. According to its geological origin, Palawan is considered a continuation of Kalimantan relating to Malaysia and Indonesia. Therefore, the flora and fauna of the island, are markedly different from the other islands of the Philippine archipelago uniqueness and diversity. Mountains of great beauty, jungle with rare species of animals and plants, underground rivers, mangrove forests, mysterious caves, white beaches and fabulously beautiful lagoon make Palawan extremely attractive place for tourists and travelers adoring holiday in unspoilt exotic nature.


01. Private tour to Volcano Pinatubo ★★★★
Location: Luzon / City: Manila
5,100 ₱ (100 $) - 14,700 ₱ (290 $)
Sales: (1) November (1)

Private tour to the volcano Pinatubo. The volcano located in 150 km. from the Philippine capital – Manila. Forests of Pinatubo served as a refuge for the fleeing natives of the tribe of the Aeta in time of Spanish period. Today height of volcano is 1486 m., before eruption it was 1745m. The last eruption of Mount Pinatubo occurred June 15, 1991, the first time in 611 years. From it, and its effects have killed at least 875 people. After the eruption, in the crater 2.5 km in diameter, by rain was formed a lake.

02. Pagsanjan falls. Manila ★★★★
Location: Luzon / City: Manila
4,825 ₱ (95 $) - 7,710 ₱ (152 $)

River Magdapio and Pagsanhan waterfall among cliffs. This is where the shooting took place Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now.” The real adventure will be your journey by canoe up the river. When it reached the goal, you will make rafting on bamboo raft right under the waterfall, where you can enjoy its cool waters. On the way back you will find an exciting rafting down the river.

03. Manila sightseeing tour. Past and present ★★★★★
Location: Luzon / City: Manila
2,500 ₱ (49 $)

Sightseeing tour of the Old and New Manila. The program of the Rizal Park, Casa Manila – Intramuros Museum of the Spanish era, the oldest church – San Augustine, Fort Santiago in the old walled city, the business center of Makati, memorial cemetery American soldiers and Roxas Boulevard.

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Where to go on Palawan?

In the province of Palawan yet known and most interesting 9 places. This is the island’s capital and largest city – Puerto Princesa, Quezon town with its unique caves Tabone, Sabang village and entering into the world heritage Underground River, an unknown Port Barton, San Vicente is located where the longest beach in the Philippines – Long Beach, the old capital of the times Spanish colonization – Tay Tay, the pearl of the Philippine archipelago – El Nido and Coron Island (Busuanga), with its sunken ships and cleanest lakes in karst rocks. Below is listed a detailed description of these destanation of the island.

Puerto Princesa City

Sabang Puerto Princesa

Table of distances in kilometers

  Puerto Princesa Sabang Roxas Port Barton San Visente Tay Tay El Nido
Quezon 148 206 267 277 307 340 400
Sabang 74 133 144 174 206 266
Roxas 125 133 32 41 73 132
Port Barton 145 144 32 72 105 164
San Visente 177 174 41 72 56 116
Tay Tay 196 206 73 105 56 60
El Nido 267 266 132 164 116 60
01. Underground River tour ★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
2,150 ₱ (42 $)
Sales: (29)

Underground River Tour. The tour to the Underground River is for the whole day. Tour includ 1,5 hour air condition transfer from the hotel in Puerto Princesa (pick up at 7:30 – 8:30), lunch in Sabang, the boat to the river and through it, environmental fee and guide. FREE for children below 3 years old. Return back to the hotel or drop-of in the city at 5 PM.

01a. Underground river and transfer to El Nido ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: Puerto Princesa
2,850 ₱ (56 $)
Sales: (45) October (6)

1. Underground River tour Includ 1,5 hour air condition transfer from the hotel in Puerto Princesa (pick up at 7:30 – 8:30), lunch in Sabang, the boat to the river and through it, audio system, environmental fee, permit and guide. All inclusive! Free for children below 2 years not occupying a separate seat. 2. Transfer from Sabang (Underground River) to El Nido with a change to another minibus. If you need private van without change, click here ⋙


09. Fast Craft Montenegro lines El Nido ⇄ Coron ★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Coron - El Nido
1,760 ₱ (35 $)
Sales: (294) November (34) October (45)

Speed boat El Nido ⇄ Coron Busuanga. Departs daily. From El Nido at 6am. From Coron to El Nido at 12 noon. Travel time 3,5 hours. Aircon, TV, toilet on the board. Be informed, the number of passengers is limited 100 persons for one way per day. Latest booking should be at least 24 hours before the trip.

02a. Shared Transfer Puerto Princesa → El Nido ★★★★★
Palawan / Puerto Princesa City - El Nido
690 ₱ (14 $)
Sales: (68) November (3) October (1)

Transfer by mini bus. Travel time – 5 hours. The total distance is 264 km. Pick-up at your hotel in Puerto Princesa or from the airport (if your flight is delayed you will go on the next bus). Van depart from Puerto Princesa to El Nido on approximate times: 7:00 Am, 8:00Am, 10:00Am, 12:00 Pm, 1:00 Pm, 3:00 Pm, 5:00 Pm, 7:00 Pm. The car makes two stops on the way to El Nido.

03. Private transfer Puerto Princesa ⇄ El Nido ★★★★
Island: Palawan / Town: Puerto Princesa - El Nido
7,000 ₱ (138 $)
Sales: (6)

Private transfer Puerto Princesa – El Nido. The van will pick/drop you at your hotel or the airport in Puerto Princesa City. The car will stops along the way one or two times. Total distance is 264 km. Travel time – 5 hours. Number of passengers from 1 – 9 person.

11. Shared Transfer Puerto Princesa ⇄ Port Barton ★★★★★
Palawan / Puerto Princesa - Port Barton
550 ₱ (11 $)
Sales: (52) November (3) October (4)

Van transfer from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton and from Port Barton to Puerto Princesa. Pick-up at your hotel or airport. The journey takes 3.5 hours (145 km). Departure time from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton; 7.30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm. From Port Barton to Puerto Princesa; 6am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm.



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