Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan

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Nacpan beach is a 3 km long. In recent years the most popular beach is El Nido. It is located in 20 km. From the center of El Nido, which is 30 minutes by motorcycle or car. On the half way to the beach, located a Nagkalit-kalit waterfall. Local restaurants  on the beach offering inexpensive and delicious food and drinks, as well ther is a small guest houses. Lunch on the beach will cost 150 – 350 pesos per person. Beer 0,33 – 60 PHP = 1.15 USD, fruit shake – 120 PHP = 2.3 USD

How to get to Nacpan beach. You can get to the beach in three ways. 1st: On a rented scooter or motorcycle. The journey takes 30 minutes. The price of the motorbike is 400 – 1000 pesos per day. 2nd option: Take a local taxi – a tricycle or an individual minibus. Tricycle will cost about 1000 pesos for a round-trip, for 2-3 people. Private minivan with air conditioning 1-10 persons will cost 3000 pesos. 3rd option: To get Nacpan beach on the shuttle. The price is 350 pesos per person for a one way ticket, 600 pesos for a ticket in both directions. Minivan goes on a schedule. El Nido → Nacpan: 9, 11, 2pm, 4pm, and from Nacpan → El Nido 10, 1pm, 3pm, 6.30pm. Van takes passengers on Amboy street Discover El Nido. For the entrance to the beach you have to pay a fee of 50 pesos per person. You can save your ticket for later visits to Nacpan beach.

29. Private van transfers around El Nido ★★★★
Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido - Nacpan beach
1,650 ₱ (32 $) - 3,700  (71 $)
Booked: (4)

Private transfer from El Nido ⇄ Nacpan beach. El Nido ⇄ Cove Resort, Sea port ⇄ Lio Airport.. . Pick up from your hotel in El Nido. Transfer distance max – 25 km in one way. Travel time 20 – 40 min. Number of passengers – up to 9 persons.

If you need private van transfer from Lio airport of El Nido to Nacpan beach you can book it below

15a. Private transfer El Nido ⇄ Sibaltan ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / El Nido - Sibaltan
4,500 ₱ (86 $)
Booked: (0)

Transfer from Lio El Nido airport to Sibaltan Kiteboarding spot. Meeting at the airport and private transfer by mini bus to your hotel (if it possible, depend of hotel location). From 1 to 9 persons

Nacpan beach picture


Nacpan El Nido


Nacpan beach El Nido Palawan

Twin beach, Nacpan, El Nido

The Twin beach is very near to Nacpan beach. The length is 800 meters, and it is located in a small cove. The beach is more cheerful and quiet than Nacpan beach.

Twin beach nacpan el nido

01. Honda XR-150L (El Nido)
Location: Palawan / City: El Nido
790 ₱ (15 $) - 990  (19 $)
Booked: (3)

For all road conditions lightweight motorcycle Honda XR150L. Mileage -3600 km. Fuel tank – 12 litre. 5 speed manual clutch. Ground clearance 243 mm. Swingarm Mono-shock. Weight – 130kg.

Accommodation at Naсpan and Twin beach


Below are 3 suggestions for booking through Palawandays on Nakpan Beach and Twin Beach (nearby). Reservations are made in advance with full prepayment of all days. Please do not try to book these offers a few days before the expected arrival, the chances of getting a reservation in the high season for a few days are very few.

Beach Cottages ↷

Nacpan Beach

Beach Cottages

Beach Cottages ↷

Twin Beach

Beach Cottages

Beach Green Cottages ↷

Twin Beach

Beach Green Cottages

Seaside Beach Resort ↷

Nacpan Beach

Seaside Beach Resort

Below are a few suggestions on the Nakpan beach and in the immediate vicinity. Book your accommodation well in advance as these offers are placed on the international booking platform and they are seen by thousands of tourists who go on holiday to El Nido.

Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach ↷

21 km. from El Nido

Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach
Where2Next Nacpan ↷

19 km. from El Nido

Where2Next Nacpan
Angelas inn Nacpan ↷

22 km. from El Nido

Angelas inn Nacpan