Almost all of the natural wonders of Palawan concentrated in the protected area of El Nido – one of the most beautiful places on Earth. El Nido and its bay Bakuit – have 39 small islands, mostly uninhabited, hidden coves, pristine lagoons, hidden from prying eyes majestic limestone cliffs, deserted beaches, tropical forests and enchanting beauty of marine life.

El Nido Town – is a small village in the north of the island of Palawan which is 260 km. from the capital of the island – Puerto Princesa City. El Nido Town itself width of 300 meters and a length of about one kilometer. In the past, El Nido is a simple village, now is a national park. El Nido was hidden from the world tourism until 1979. In 1983, the first diving platform for diving was built in the island of Miniloc and in the same year, the flow of tourists here arose.

El Nido town

Weather El Nido

Average rainfall mm

Jan. 6 | Feb. 0 | Mar. 12 |  Apr. 39 |  May. 117 | Jun. 351  | Jul. 435  | Aug. 375  | Sept. 159  | Oct. 159  | Nov. 45  | Dec. 12


Average rainy days

Jan. 2 | Feb. 1 | Mar. 3 |  Apr. 4 |  May. 17 | Jun. 25  | Jul. 26  | Aug. 24  | Sept. 20  | Oct. 19  | Nov. 9  | Dec. 4

To El Nido by land

The fastest way to get to El Nido, is through a ITI plane from Manila straight to El Nido. You can reach El Nido by a motorcycle in 5 – 6 hours journey from Puerto Princesa city ➠ Book motorcycle. In a minivan, 5 hours with the price of 700 pesos/persons. On the bus, it takes 7 hours with the price of 280 ordinary bus and 380 pesos with aircon. More information about ➠ San Jose Bus Terminal in Puerto Princesa. From Sabang to El Nido is three 3 trips. The first van departs at 7:30am, second and third in 2pm and 2.30pm, price per person is 750 pesos. From El Nido to Puerto Princesa buses depart every hour. The terminal is located between the El Nido town and Corong Corong beach near the piblic market.

To El Nido by the sea

09b. Ferry Bunso Transport El Nido ⇄ Coron (Busuanga) ★★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Busuanga / El Nido
2,250  (39 $)
Booked: (25)

New schedule start June 13 2022

Schedule ferry: El Nido to Coron. 7 AM: Thursday
Schedule ferry: Coron to El Nido. 7 AM: Wednesday

09. Fast Craft Montenegro lines El Nido – Coron ★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Coron - El Nido
3,400  (59 $)
Booked: (1175) April (2)

Schedule Ferry El Nido ⇄ Coron Busuanga. From Coron to El Nido 5AM you must be at the port terminal for 6AM departure. From El Nido to Coron 11AM you must be at the port terminal for 12NN departure. Travel time 3,5 hours. Aircon, TV, toilet on the board. The number of passengers is limited 260 persons for one way per day.

Tours in El Nido

El Nido offers a variety of leisure activities, chief among which is of course the beach. Bakuit Bay is truly a jewel of the Philippine archipelago. There are organized tourist trips by boat to the nearby islands. Tours «A» «B» «C»  is a trip for the whole day, with lunch at one of the white beaches. Prices for tours start from 1200 to 1400 pesos + 200 pesos per ticket (entrance fee to the national park) which is valid for a week, you need to save for future tours. To feel the real taste of adventure, traveling along the karst cliffs secret lagoons and white beaches, you can rent a kayak. Private tour – for people who want to ride on a boat by individual company. This option is very useful if you are traveling in a group or if you just want to be alone. Book your tour here ➠ tours in el nido

25. ABCD island hopping Group tours ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido
1,200 ₱ (21 $) - 1,400 ₱ (24 $)
Booked: (62) April (2)

Free pick up from your hotel at 9.00 – 9.40AM at beach Buena Suerte in El Nido town proper, Corong Corong beach or Marimegmeg beach area at the main road (las Cabanas). Tours start from the main public beach Buena Suerte in El Nido town proper. Return to your hotel is not included to the price. Duration of the tours – 6 hours. FREE for children below 3 years old.

26. Private tours ABCD to the islands of El Nido ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido
1,823 ₱ (32 $) - 11,250 ₱ (195 $) per person
Booked: (12)

Private tours to the islands of El Nido. This tour for people who want to travel on a boat alone, or a separate company, without other people. This option is very convenient if you travel a group, or if you just want to loneliness. FREE for children below 3 years old.

01f. Underground river tour from El Nido & transfer to Puerto Princesa (PRIVATE VAN) ★★★★
Location: Palawan / City: El Nido
4,000 ₱ (69 $) - 16,025 ₱ (277 $) per person
Booked: (7) April (1)

Excursion private transfer from El Nido to Underground River Sabang and transfer to Puerto Princesa. Inclusion; aircondition private van with driver, free pick up from hotel (if posible), a filipino tour guide, shared boat to the National Park and back, paddle boat through cave, lunch, permit, environmental fee and audio system in the cave. No hidden payment!

Beaches of El Nido

In El Nido you can explore the nearby beaches by your own. Kayaking, rent a boat or motorcycle. The town’s main beach has a few nice bars and restaurants. On Corong Corong beach has amazing sunset, Marimegmeg very well relax, bars and nice hotels. Papaya Beach is surprisingly white, turquoise waters and powdery sand. Read more…

Cave Ile

cave ile

Cave Ile. El Nido has been inhabited 12,000 years ago, which was confirmed by excavations in the cave Ile. Here were found the bones of humans and animals, pottery and traces of cremation. The cave is located 45 minutes away from the city.  The cave Ille include to the land tour one the car, with Nacpan beach and waterfall.


El Nido waterfall

Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls is El Nido’s most popular waterfall and it’s not the best one. To get there by your own – renting a motorcycle, car or tricycle. Going there takes 30-40 minutes. Located on a half way to Nacpan Beach. Rent a bike for 400-1000 pesos per day. One issue with these waterfalls is that during summer the water levels are low. In rainy season don’t mind getting wet, you’ll cross 8 streams before arriving to the waterfalls. 


zipline in el nido palawan

If you have a spirit of adventure – you should try the El Nido Zipline. El Nido Zipline is the longest Zipline in Palawan (800 meters), and is a 10-minute drive from the city. There are two types of descent: sitting and Superman (lying upside down). The cost starts at 500 pesos for a sedentary version descent. Mode of operation 8:30am – 5:30pm. GPS coordinates: 11.144887409548657, 119.39709663391113

Climbing on the cliff

Cliff el nido Palawan

The ascent is quite a dangerous event and therefore is carried out accompanied by a local guide (s). Children and elderly people should abstain. Climbing for about an hour in one direction. Wear sturdy shoes as the rocks are very sharp. Cost of filipino guide – 500 PHP = 8.65 USD per person

Kuyawyaw falls

Kuyawyaw falls is located in Taу Taу municipality, 45 minutes from El Nido by motorcycle and 20 minutes from Taу Taу town. The waterfall has 3 levels. To the 1 waterfall in the forest walk only 10 minutes, second other 10 min.


Nacpan Beach El Nido

Nacpan Beach located in 20 km. from the center of El Nido, which is 30 minutes by motorcycle or car. Local restaurants offering inexpensive and delicious food and drinks. Lunch will cost 100 – 250 pesos per person


Surfing and Kite-surfing in El Nido

For surfing, head north 45 minutes drive by motorbike to Duli beach. Its 15 minutes away from the Nacpan beach. There is 4 bungalows for stay overnight. In high season, book before you go there. Going further to north, the remote San Fernando Beach is only one spot in El Nido for kitesurfing. Surf and kitesurfing season are in line with the Amihan winds, which blow from November to April (it’s a high season in Philippines)

Transportation around El Nido

Of the hundreds of greedy and lazy driver’s, we choose only one. Transfers to Nacpan beach, pick up and drop off Lio Airport, Marimegmeg (Lascabanas) beach and other.

18. Private Tricycle Service in El Nido ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / Area: El Nido
550 ₱ (10 $) - 2,300 ₱ (40 $)
Booked: (8)

Tricycle service in El Nido: Transfer from or to Lio El Nido airport, Nacpan beach, Lascabanas beach (Marimegmeg), Corong Corong beach, Waterfalls, Caves. Pick up at your hotels, airport.

29. Private van transfers around El Nido ★★★★
Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido - Nacpan beach
2,400 ₱ (42 $) - 4,250  (74 $)
Booked: (5)

Private transfer from El Nido ⇄ Nacpan beach. El Nido ⇄ Cove Resort, Sea port ⇄ Lio Airport.. . Pick up from your hotel in El Nido. Transfer distance max – 25 km in one way. Travel time 20 – 40 min. Number of passengers – up to 9 persons.

27a. Private van to Kuyawyaw falls ★★★★
Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido
4,700  (81 $)
Booked: (0)

Kuyawyaw falls is located in Brgy. Cataban municipality Taу Taу, 45 minutes from drive from El Nido by motorcycle or car, from Tay Tay it takes 15 min. The waterfall has 3 levels. To the 1 waterfall walk only 10 minutes, to the second 10 min. more, and till the most beautiful third waterfall, hard trek takes 15 min. Entrance fee 200 pesos for the 1 and 2 level, + 200 pesos for the guide if you want go to third waterfall.

17. Boat transfer to private beach Papaya or Seven Commando ★★★★★
Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido Corong Corong beach
7,900 ₱ (137 $) - 9,900 ₱ (171 $)
Booked: (2)

Transfer from the hotel in El Nido town or Corong Corong to the beautiful beach Papaya or Seven commando. Travel time on the boat 15 minutes. The beach has sales soft and alcoholic drinks. Transfer back to shore until 4.30PM. Environmental fee 200 pesos per person to be paid on the spot, if you have paid for it day before keep the ticket. Boat fee 300 pesos to be paid on the spot (not included)

Diving in El Nido

Scuba Diving in El Nido. Whether you like shallow dives or vertical walls, sandy flats or swim-throughs, night dives or deep dives. Whether you are a beginner, a newbie or an experienced diver, ther is right place for you. Sunrise Dives and Night Dives in El Nido are definitely worth it! The show starts by an incredible sunset or sunrise and goes on while cruising underwater. You will be grateful! It is a tremendous experience. Private diving boat & trips. If you wish to have a more personal experience take a private trip on your own boat. Explore some of the most beautiful dive sites Bacuit Bay has to offer. Not been diving in a while? No worries! Experienced team can help ease you back into scuba diving with the Refresher Course that covers everything from theory to skills. Scuba Diving for kids in El Nido – The Bubblemaker Course

Explore Palawan from the air

Video Travel Feels: Philippines

Best Rating hotels in El Nido (2018)

Frangipani El Nido ↷

El Nido

Frangipani El Nido
Spin Designer Hostel ↷

El Nido

Spin Designer Hostel
Maremegmeg Beach Club ↷

El Nido

Maremegmeg Beach Club
The Cavern Pod Hotel & Specialty Cafe ↷

El Nido

The Cavern Pod Hotel & Specialty Cafe

Water and health

Water is a huge issue in El Nido and many establishments have issues with having enough water, especially during summer. Don’t drink the tap water and drinking with ice. There have been recent issues with many tourists affected by food poisoning and diarrhea. El Nido is a small town with no real hospital. Should you need any medical assistance there is a small Medical City clinic in town (closed on sundays). Be careful.

Motorcycles and Car rental in El Nido

In El Nido, as in any tourist place, there is a rental of motorcycles. The cost varies greatly between 200 and 1000 pesos per day from the old semi-automatic to the off-road motorcycle. Some consider renting by days and even hours, check on the spot. What difficulties can arise: 1. A suitable motorcycle or scooter in high season may have to be searched for a long time, spend time and a little money searching. 2. The quality of tire and brakes if the technique is not completely new to check it is necessary on the spot and carefully! You can rent motorbike or car in Puerto Princesa and drop off it in El nido











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