Coron (Busuanga) Palawan

Coron is a municipality in the province of Palawan, the Philippines, including the eastern half of the main island of Busuanga, Coron the island and about 50 other small islands nearby. All these islands are part of the Calamian Islands in the northern part of the province of Palawan, which separates the South China Sea from the Sulu Sea. According to the 2010 census, the municipality has a population of 42941 people. The city infrastructure is not so well developed. There is no beaches in the city town and near, and ATMs are only in the center of the town. Come here travelers are advised to exchange money in advance, so as not to waste time searching for the exchangers or banks. Prices in the small town are quite high in comparison with the capital of the province of Palawan – Puerto Princesa. A small selection of good restaurants and cheap eateries.


Coron – it’s white sandy beaches in the clear sea, it is a semi-salty lakes surrounded by huge karst cliffs, this sunken ships, caves, bamboo bungalows and luxury hotels on the islands. Today Coron is located in a National Park. The rich nature of the island boasts a variety of exotic plants, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, as well as endemic species of birds. A variety of species makes Coron very popular destination for ecotourism. During the Second World War in 1944, the Americans have sunk off the coast of 12 Japanese ships. Place of burial and the surrounding waters with rich underwater world today one of the best attractions for diving enthusiasts from around the world. Most of the tourists and travelers today make Filipinos or foreigners, Russian tourists are still little. Photo: Jacob

The main attraction of the island of Coron is famous seven lakes. The most beautiful and cleanest of them recognized Kayangan Lake. Kayangan Lake is considered the cleanest Philippine pond with fresh water. Water in the lake is so clear that you can admire the underwater world at a distance of tens of meters. Not far from the island of Coron scattered small islands on which there are wonderful sandy beaches. Some of them are arranged luxury resorts.


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Excursions on Coron (Busuanga)

There are many local tour agencies offering tours to the neighboring islands. Prices in the group (when a lot of people on board) type of holiday starting from 650 PHP = 12.36 USD. We ride for several individual routes and today selected the most interesting and worthy places to visit. Soon several individual tours to neighboring islands are soon will set out below, or in the catalog of excursions ➣

40. Private tour AB Coron island ★★★★★
Island: Busuanga / Town: Coron Palawan
4,000  (76 $)
Booked: (5) April (1)

Private tour AB Coron island, 6 unique places in one tour: Twin Lagoon, Barracuda lake, Kayangan Lake, Smith Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Coral Garden​.


What to look in Coron?


City point (Mt. Tapyas)

Climb the 721 steps (30 min.) to the mountain where is a huge cross. On top of the mountain offers stunning views of the bay and the island of Busuanga and Coron. Start your climbing at 5Pm in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset.


Hot Springs

Near the town of Coron located hot springs pools. The price of such a pleasure: for adults 200 PHP = 3.8 USD children from 5 – 10 years 100 PHP = 1.9 USD per person per day. Sources located in the mangroves on the coast. The temperature around 38 degrees Celsius. During the day there is almost no people. In the evening, at the end of the day after the tours, the sources are filled with tourists. There’s a grill for a barbecue. At the entrance cold drinks for sale.

Calauit Island Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, Coron Busuanga

The zoo with giraffes

Covering an area of 3,700 hectares Calauit Island is a nature reserve and home to several endemic animals of the African continent. At the natural surroundings, where there are all medium and the plants and animals can live with the absolute minimum human intervention.

Waterfall Coron 12.055814, 119.976731

Concepcion Falls

Situated on the west of the Busuanga Island, one can visit Concepcion Falls. Road there will take only take about 30 – 40 min on motorbike. minutes to an hour to reach the town proper. Locals and foreigners visit the falls very rare in the weekdays.It is quite a change of scenery to the waterfalls, green forest and crisp mountain air. GPS: 12.055913, 119.976570

How to get Coron

The Philippines is not associated with any neighboring country by land. Guests arriving at the international airport of the capital Manila, Cebu, Kalibo (Kalibo Boracay) and Iloilo (Panay). Most visitors arrive in Manila to the biggest Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Four terminals operate in this airport.

According to the latest requirements of the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of the Philippines, all passengers entering the country are required to carry a printed copy of the electronic ticket or a return ticket for further directions. Otherwise, visitors may be denied entry into the country. As well as the passport expiration date not less than 6 months! Images of e-tickets presented in electronic devices such as a laptop or smartphone screen according to the law can not be accepted.


The easiest and fastest way to reach the island of Coron (Busuanga), – a plane from Philippine capital – Manila with and Approximate fares from 1500 – 4000 pesos in one way. You can find cheaper tickets.

Airport Francisco B Reyes Airport is located in the heart of Busuanga Island, a 40-minute drive from the town of Coron. To get from the airport to the city need to take the minivan which gathers passengers directly at the exit of the arrivals area, as there are on duty tricycles. The standard fee for a ticket of 150 pesos per person. If you need an individual van transfer to the town of Coron  book it here ➣

001b. Private van transfer Airport Busuanga – Coron Town ★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Busuanga (Coron)
1,790 ₱ (34 $) - 2,000 ₱ (38 $)
Booked: (13) May (2) April (1)

Private transfer from Francisco B Reyes Airport to Coron Town or from Coron Town to airport. Pick up from your hotel or airport. In airport after exiting door of airport, look for your name on the signet board in a crowd greeters. Travel time 40 min. Cars: Toyota HiAce Commuter 2016 or Toyota HiAce Grandia 2017

Coron island Palawan Philippines 4

09. Fast Craft Montenegro lines El Nido ⇄ Coron ★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Coron - El Nido
1,760  (33 $)
Booked: (741) May (31) April (56)

Ferry El Nido ⇄ Coron Busuanga. Departs daily. From El Nido at 6am. From Coron to El Nido at 12 noon. Travel time 3,5 hours. Aircon, TV, toilet on the board. Be informed, the number of passengers is limited 260 persons for one way per day.

09b. Boat Bunso Transport El Nido ⇄ Coron (Busuanga) ★★★★★
Philippines / Palawan / Busuanga / El Nido
1,290  (25 $)
Booked: (21) May (1) April (1)

Schedule boats: El Nido to Coron. 8 AM: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Schedule boats: Coron to El Nido. 8 AM: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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