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El Nido real estate market is not so developed. Most of the houses rented unfurnished, and no Internet. Good houses are rented quickly and for a long time! Water, electricity and gas are almost never included in the price of rent. Book the house in advance, it is a guarantee that you will find a suitable quality and affortable cost of your house!

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    Last update: 10.02.2017

    01. BNKY rooms El Nido

    Location: Palawan / Town: El Nido
    16,500 ₱ (323 $) - 26,000 ₱ (510 $)

    Rooms (4 unit.) for long term and monthly rent in a 365 m. from the beach of El Nido Town. Air conditioning, fan. Toilet and shower are shared. Fenced area, parking. Prepayment 1 month. + 1 month deposit (deposit payable upon entry and returned upon departure)

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  • Last update: 19.09.2016

    02. BNKY. House and rooms for rent. El Nido

    1,500 ₱ (29 $)

    House for rent El Nido Town. Until the public beach and restaurants on the beach – 360 meters. Located on a quiet street. All within walking distance. The house has 6 rooms, with air conditioning, a communal kitchen.

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  • Аренда дома на берегу в Эль Нидо
    Last update: 19.09.2016

    03. Ida. Cottages on the beach Corong Corong in El Nido

    16,200 ₱ (318 $) - 18,000 ₱ (353 $)

    Cozy house on the beach Corong Corong. 5 minutes by trice to a good beach Marimegmeg. Papaya Beach (white sand) 20 minutes by kayak! 15 minutes walk to the market and bus stop.

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  • Room for rent El Nido Palawan 1
    Last update: 19.09.2016

    04. BNKY El Nido

    38,000 ₱ (745 $)

    Room for rent at the guest house 365 meters from the beach of El Nido. Air-conditioning, hot water. 2 people. Water and electricity are included.

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