Beaches of El Nido

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El Nido Town (Buena Suerte Beach) ★★★

Population growth and the flow of tourists to the tiny town of 300 meters in 1000, led to the fact that in the main city beach Buena Suert (Buena Suerte), which is a photo, recently bathed only local kids, and sometimes a few tourists. The beach has lost its water clarity due situated on the shore, houses, hotels, restaurants and boats in the bay.








Caalan beach ★★

Scenic and quiet beach, right El Nido town, and almost all are not suitable for swimming. Along the beach runs along the trail where you can walk or in motorcycles. Along the beach are both luxury hotels as well as cheap 1500 pesos a day.

Cadlao Resort


Ipil Ipil beaches ★★★★

The beaches are almost wild. It is located 2.5 km away from the village of El Nido by kayak or boat.

ipil beach




Seven Commandos beach ★★★★★

This white sand beach usually stop at the end of the tour “A”. To get here you can by kayak or rented boat frome the El Nido Town (Buena Suerte Beach) or frome Corong Corong beach. Distance 2 and 3.4 km. Here are selling coconuts beer and soft drinks. Open online ☛ map


Papaya Beach ★★★★★

Papaya Beach – amazing beach with powdery white sand. Beach is private but open to tourists. Here you can buy a coconut or a bottle of beer for 50 pesos, also selling drinks stronger. To get here by kayak or hire boat (about 500 pesos/5pax), you can in for 10 – 20 minutes from the Corong Corong beach. The distance is 2 km. ☛ book the boat




Lapus Lapus beach ★★★

On the way from the Corong Corong beach to Papaya beaches  and Seven Commando there is a private beach – Lapus Lapus. It is better not to land without the permission of the owner, as on the beach live two dobermans without a leash. Dobermans evil and can swim!

lapus beach



 Yoga Beach ★★★

Another pretty good private beach – Yoga. Located closest to the shore Corong Corong (background in the photo down), just 600 meters away by kayak. To the beach you can walk along the shore of a little wetting her knees. Beach consists of two parts which are separated by a rock. Here you need respecting the purity and tranquility! On this beach yoga sessions.


Corong Corong Beach ★★★

The beach is about 2 km long is not very suitable for swimming as it is too shallow shore. For children this depth is enough to splash about in the shallow water in the soft sand. if you wear shoes for diving it is easy to go a little deeper and take a swim. Here the locals during the day and hunt at night for some animals. The beach of corong Corong is famous for its magical sunsets and full moons.








Marimegmeg Beach

Beach located near the beach of Las Cabanas. From the town of El Nido is at a distance of 4.5 kilometers, 5 minutes by tricycle or motorcycle. Do not buy tours from agencies to the beach for 400 pesos! The entrance to the beach is free. From the road you need to walk about 300 meters til the beach. The beach we evaluate in ★★★★ At the moment this is the best beach in El Nido in a mainland of Palawan in short distance from the city centre. There’s a bar with good food, music and tasty drinks. Shake 120 pesos, beer bottle – 60. You can take the kayak rental. On the beach have room (5000 pesos)



Las Cabanas Beach ★★

Las cabanas looks much more modest. There are smaller and less soft sand.


Nacpan beach

The beach is 20 kilometers from the city. To get here you will need to rent a motrbike, a tricycle, car or tour of E in the minevan ➥ Excursions & transfers.




Notnot beach

Paradise beach