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 island of Palawan, amazing and unique part of the Philippine archipelago

The idea for this site came from the lack of clear, fair, and objective information about the country and the island of Palawan. In our project menu Palawan Days we will gradually and objectively reveal the beauty, especially the subtleties of leisure travel on this amazing and yet wild island. Our site already has more than 120 pages and will be useful for both experienced travelers, travel agencies, and those who need assistance in the organization of leisure on the paradise island. In our internet shop you can book any tour, a shuttle service to any location on the island, car, motorcycle, boat, home for long stays, package tour, or book our exclusive tours around the island.

My name is Sergey, I and my Filipino colleagues as you may have guessed live on this beautiful island. About island I do not know everything, but a lot. I constantly explore the hidden corners of the island, discover something new and will be happy to help you organize your stay both remotely and on-site at the opportunity. Plan your holidays in advance and let it be magical! Welcome to the land of warm people, smiles and white beaches – Philippines.